Ideas for Arc XP

[Security] user session control

features like:

  • idle session timeout,
  • admin force logout,
  • limit the number of concurrent sessions of same ID (so no share account),
  • restricted / limited access by user's IP addresses / countries (risky countries like PR )
  • Jones Chan
  • Jan 18 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Anais Felt commented
    6 Jan, 2020 07:18pm

    Hi Jones,

    Thanks for the great suggestion, I am moving this over to the permissions team for consideration. Thanks!

  • Jones Chan commented
    23 Jan, 2019 03:37am

    We want better control over Arc's User Sessions.

    • want to know who is logged-in, and from where;
    • want to forcefully log-out certain users for security reason;
    • want to restrict a user session to an IP address for security reason;

    As security admin, we want to have a view on who is on the system and where they are, without being able to see currently active sessions, we are blind and cannot do security hardening.