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Make video_type Queryable in Video Queries to the Content API

When querying the search API for type:video both videos with video_types of live and clip are returned. API documentation says that content_elements.video_type is indexed, but it doesn't seem that video_type is indexed at a root label.

Currently this is not allowed and at times, live events are returned in our queries when they are not desired. This has burned us a few times with video site maps, display feeds on the homepage displaying live events not meant to be promoted and issues with org-constructed connectors used to distribute content externally.

We would like the ability to make a query similar to the query below:



This query has an added video_type:clip search term that would allow us to query only live video assets or only clip video assets without the need for additional code transforms.

  • Sebe Dale
  • Sep 2 2022
  • Future consideration
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  • Admin
    Ryan Gladstone commented
    4 Oct, 2022 04:47pm

    Thanks for the suggestion -- we'll check with the team to see what's possible here!