Ideas for Arc XP

Feature flagging

So that we can build larger projects more efficiently and safely, it would be useful to have a feature-flagging function that could be access through Developer Center, sort of like As customers we don't have deep access into the CMS that I feel would be necessary for a third-party service to work efficiently.

What I'd propose is for us to be able to define a flag in code - something like const isEnabled = featureFlag('riskyFeature') that during deployment would create the flag in Developer Center. Then during development of a large project, that would allow us to deploy more often with less risk.

  • Todd Dukart
  • Dec 13 2023
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  • Admin
    Ryan Gladstone commented
    22 Jan 12:48pm

    Hi Todd -- Thanks for the idea. Can you please share a bit more about where you'd like to use these feature flags? For example, as a developer within IFX or PageBuilder Engine?