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Author name value in Arc I/O Feed

It would be very important if we could have a record of which author wrote every article. This would be very helpful in understanding the workflow of our newsroom.

We have almost every data we need for the articles, but we lack the capacity to match articles to their authors.

  • Paulo Chullmir
  • Mar 16 2021
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  • Paulo Chullmir commented
    6 May, 2021 04:46pm

    I believe there was a misinterpretation or I expressed myself wrong.

    What we need is not the "Author / Signature", which we already have.
    What we actually need is the Creator information. Who was the person who created a story in Composer.

    Sometimes the creator of the article is not the Author / the one who signs, and we actually need the creator information.

  • Orlanda Antunes commented
    27 Apr, 2021 07:21pm

    Thank you for this idea! In OBF 1.x, we support including author id in the query parameters. If this doesn't meet your needs, please let us know.