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Add Ability To Bulk Edit Caption Fields Within Gallery

Hi there,

We're seeking an ability to bulk edit multiple caption fields of photos within a gallery.

This is separate from the action currently available of when the user is uploading multiple images and can copy the text to all images, as this takes place during the initial upload. This new feature looks to have the capability to edit multiple captions at a time with the gallery creation process.

Currently, the editor will need to open the gallery, scroll down to the image, click the pencil icon, edit the text, click Save, and then proceed to the next image. It would be great if those extra steps could be eliminated, and the user could either have a "copy all" button to edit all the captions at once, or at least no longer have to click the pencil, edit and save for each caption update.

I believe this request is different from ANG-I-17 , which focuses on lightboxes. If it's the same, please merge or close out this Arc Idea.


  • Troy Blevins
  • Nov 16 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Brian McAlister commented
    26 Jan 05:16pm

    Correct, just like "override title & caption"

  • Natalie Mugavero commented
    26 Jan 05:16pm

    Expanding upon this - would be great to have an option to maintain the image file name as the caption when uploaded to a Gallery.

  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    26 Jan 05:08pm

    Thanks for the feedback Brian! And if I may ask another question: you'd want these bulk caption edits to be treated like "override title & caption", where it does not affect the caption of the original image, but is a caption override specifically for the images in a gallery?

  • Brian McAlister commented
    26 Jan 04:55pm

    Lawrence, yes, sometimes we repeat caption fields or parts of caption fields across a gallery. Whether the experience of editing captions within a gallery becomes like the Bulk Edit function with individual images (bulk-edit attached) or a new experience similar to the new Override Title & Caption but without having to load each image separately, have all captions editable within that gallery editor (gallery_new_edit attached)

  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    26 Jan 04:06pm

    Thanks for the feedback! This is maybe a silly question, but just to confirm, are you often using the same text value in the caption field for every (or multiple) images in a gallery?

  • Kristyna Wentz-Graff commented
    21 Jan 06:03pm

    Completely agree with this request!

  • Brian McAlister commented
    10 Dec, 2021 04:02pm

    I dream of a day I can click a button within a Gallery Edit screen that loads all of the photos in that gallery in the existing editor, allowing for rapid bulk edits.