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Capability to integrate 3rd party social sign-in authentication providers

Hello, I noticed that Arc subscriptions comes with feature (underneath 'Authentication providers' in Arc Subscriptions) to integrate (add/delete) social sign-in authentication methods besides Arc's own sign-in. The authentication providers that I can add are Google, Facebook and Apple which Arc offers as default.

I wish to suggest the capability to add different authentication providers other than these 3. We wish to add 'Naver' and 'Kakao' into the list as we have numerous users here in Korea and in other countries accessing our site that have existing accounts with those services.

So along with showing user "Sign-in with Facebook, Google or Apple", we wish to provide users "Sign-in with Naver", "Sign-in with Kakao". Naver, Kakao offers pretty much same experience as "Sign-in with Facebook" as they follow the same oAuth standard. It issues clientID, secret key just like Facebook and Google/Apple.

I've attached some images for your reference.
Let me know if this is capable. Thanks!

  • Jerry Kim
  • Jan 13 2021
  • Planned
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  • Admin
    Ryan Gladstone commented
    13 Jan, 2021 05:36am

    Hello and thank you for the idea. We don't have any near term plans to add more social sign-in providers but we will certainly revisit this later in the year. Thanks!