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Unpublished story, if previously redirected, should keep redirection

There are some use cases where a story is redirected to a different one and in order to avoid that original story to appear in some content sources, such as automated pages or sections, it is unpublished. Unfortunately the current behaviour when a story gets unpublished is that even if it was previously redirected, the redirection gets lost. It would be useful to keep it.

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  • Mar 29 2020
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  • Megan DeLaunay commented
    7 Apr, 2020 07:06pm

    Hi, I just want to ensure I'm understanding the flow being described here:

    Let's say I have a Story (id: ABC123, url: /news/exciting-event ). In this case, we want the content from this story ABC123 to no longer appear, and for its existing URL to redirect to a new place.

    So let's say then that: Story ABC123 is unpublished, causing the URL of /news/exciting-event to return 404. Then, we create a redirect from /news/exciting-event to /news/more-exciting-event , so that readers are sent there instead of the 404.

    In this case, if you create the redirect BEFORE the unpublishing, the redirect is not being saved -- is that the behavior you're seeing?

    I want to make sure I fully understand the flow before bringing it back to the team. Thanks for any clarifying information!