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Make re-login easier

Since the implementation of the new 24-hour auto-logout, many users are complaining about the number of steps it takes to log back in.  A few things that could improve the user experience:

  • When you get the warning in Ellipsis that "you will be logged out in 35 minutes," include a 1-step re-login in that modal.  Get it all done at once.
  • Set an exception in Ellipsis and Anglerfish so that if you are actively working in a story or a gallery, you will not be logged out until you close that file.  
  • When you manually select "log out," include re-login fields directly on that page.  There's currently no back button or "login" button.  You have to open an entirely new Arc window to get back to the login screen
  • Jessica Parks
  • Jan 8 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Anais Felt commented
    10 Sep, 2020 08:01pm

    Hi Kayla! Thanks for following up here. I have scheduled a meeting with the relevant Arc staff to talk through your feedback. There are still some technical challenges here, but we're going to take a fresh look at the problem and see if there's anything we can do.

    I also wanted to make you aware that we are rolling out biometric (Face ID, and Thumbprint or if you don't have a newer iPhone, your pin) to the new Arc iOS app "Broadcast". Right now Broadcast only has Video Center mobile, but we are in the process of building some of the features from Photo Center and Composer into the app, so that you can access Arc from an iPhone app. It's super easy to login this way, and we're looking to make it just as easy to login on the that when you're logged out every 24 hours for security purposes, it's way easier to log back in.

  • Kayla Lockwood commented
    17 Jul, 2020 06:20pm


    I wanted to chime in here with the hopes we could also push this through. We understand the 24 auto logout, but we seem to have some editors that get logged out mid-day as well even when the re-log in in the morning. It often (unfortunately) happens in the middle of a gallery or feature build.

  • Anais Felt commented
    23 Sep, 2019 05:25pm

    Hey Jessica, 


    Thanks for your input here, we want to make this a less painful experience. I will submit this for re-review, although we did have some technical blockers that impacted the user experience. Those blockers may be resolved, now, though, so I will add this to our board for investigation and design. 


    Thanks for submitting your idea!