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Add count/total_size in response for collection endpoint in Content API

New field in collection endpoint in Content Api, which contains info about - how many stories are in collection - count or total_size etc. Like it is in search endpoint

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  • Mar 4 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Megan DeLaunay commented
    23 Mar, 2021 03:24pm

    Sounds like there are a few different use cases for returning the total number of collections items. I'm moving this to Future Consideration for now, but will update this Idea once we're able to plan it in a sprint! Thanks, all!

  • Marissa Halpert commented
    9 Mar, 2021 04:27pm

    I have a client who would greatly appreciate this feature. Use case: They are using Collections as "Folders" and want to have a paginated list of all items in the Collection on the Folder's page. They can't do the pagination without knowing the total count of the Collection.

  • Kristina Matheisen commented
    4 Mar, 2021 08:40am

    Having the same issue with other pods. It seems that the collection endpoint has this information as 'booked' (not sure if this is including/excluding unpublished content) but the CAPI endpoint does not forward that information it its endpoint.

    Use-case: Pagination. Without knowing the total amount, it is impossible to generate pagination-buttons accordingly.