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Send Pages and Templates built in sandbox to production so dont need to build twice

I would like a ‘Send to production button/function/deployer’ so pages and templates build in sandbox can be pushed to the production environment, thus eliminating the need to build everything twice.

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  • Jun 20 2018
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  • Taylor Leach commented
    3 Mar 09:51pm

    I would be very interested in this functionality

  • James Butler commented
    8 Dec, 2020 07:06pm

    This would be a very valuable addition for us. We are building an API from Arc using a JSON output type, which means that the structure of the API depends on a specific configuration of resolvers, templates and pages. Manually replicating this across environments to test and deploying new features is slow and error-prone. Ideally this feature would be API-driven so that we can use it from a CI pipeline, and would allow us to specify exactly which components are exported/imported so that changes can be isolated from each other.

  • Suzanne Paylor commented
    15 Jul, 2020 01:20pm

    We are moving from pagebuilder classic to fusion (pagebuilder editor) - It will be so much work to recreate each one of our pages in production now that they are all on Sandbox.

  • Admin
    Kirti Kamtikar commented
    29 May, 2020 03:25pm

    Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider this functionality in one of our future releases.

  • Ian Krantz commented
    5 Feb, 2019 10:29pm

    Would be huge in terms of doing meaningful testing in Sandbox

  • Guest commented
    13 Sep, 2018 05:08pm


  • Amanda Baker commented
    13 Sep, 2018 02:26pm

    100% this! 

  • sushil kumar commented
    26 Jun, 2018 03:51am

    Similar kind of request.

  • sushil kumar commented
    26 Jun, 2018 03:42am

    In my view, This is a must-have feature for any content publishing platform. When I initially started working with Pagebuilder, I was surprised, it doesn't have the capability to push or export/import template config from one environment to another environment. 

    Having this functionality will reduce the effort of the template administrators and reduce the chances of template config errors in the production.  

  • Sarah Pritchett commented
    26 Jun, 2018 03:27am

    This would have a massive positive impact when we are buildign otu new pages and templates. We have at least one new page/template created each month for campaigns and events and at the moment we are having to double handle all fo the pages, content sources and resilver configs that are created specifically for those campsings and events. It slows us down getting work into production but also opens us up to human error when people are re-creating in prod