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When opening a page or template, ask if we want to use the latest shared version (Yes /No)

In order to remember that if you make changes, you have to add all the other changes made by the other editors.

  • Paulne Oger
  • Oct 6 2021
  • Shipped
Categories Editor, Feature Configuration
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  • Frank Tantillo commented
    16 Feb 02:56pm

    Shipped! Hooray!

  • Frank Tantillo commented
    2 Dec, 2021 03:10pm

    As Rob says a simple prompt when the page is opened would work wonders to avert problems.

  • Robert O'Keefe commented
    2 Dec, 2021 02:09pm

    Just finished a call with my editorial colleagues. They emphasized the need to have, at a minimum, a prompt for the "Use Shared" version of the page. We have some editors who don't actively manage a page every day and they often miss this step - inadvertedly rolling back changes when they publish their stale version.

  • Eric Martyn commented
    21 Oct, 2021 12:55pm

    Is it possible to bookmark a link to the 'use shared' version of the page? For when you know you want the latest version.

  • Admin
    Kirti Kamtikar commented
    18 Oct, 2021 04:09pm

    Thank you for posting this idea. We would definitely consider making improvements to the workflow to incorporate latest and greatest updates from the shared draft before making any changes to the My Draft in the future.

  • EL Mousadik Hatim commented
    6 Oct, 2021 09:48am

    I confirm that some new home pages managers forget to start from the shared draft, they override what was done previously by colleagues. An alert with a capping "once / day for example" can help and avoid errors.