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more data on Bandito

Is it possible to see the data on each variant as Bandito runs in the background?

I see this message: "Test in progress, Created 2 hours ago, Clicks: 8". Does this mean 8 people have clicked on either variant in the past 2 hours? Would like to know if possibly 7 of those 8 clicked on variant 2?

  • Eric Martyn
  • Jun 10 2022
  • Future consideration
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    Katherine Grygo commented
    27 Jun 04:53pm

    Hi Eric, Thank you for your submission. As we look to enhance Bandito/content testing experience in PageBuilder Editor, we will definitely consider opportunities to enhance our current tooltip experience and ways to incorporate more information on test performance.

    To provide a little more information on how the PageBuilder UI currently handles displaying Bandito data: Each item has a tooltip that displays information that's relevant to that specific item. So let's say a user has a default and 2 variants.

    The default variant has the beaker icon and its tooltip informs a user if the test is in progress, how long the test has been running, and the number of clicks or CTR for the default only. Variants have the eye icon and the tooltips this will display either the number of clicks or CTR for each one. I've attached a screenshot with a visual and notes of what to expect. So if you hover over a tooltip and it reads "Test in Progress, Created 2 hours ago, Clicks: 8) then that specific item has received 8 clicks.

    One final note: If the default/variant shows the CTR but not the number of clicks, that is expected behavior as the UI prioritizes displaying this information over the number of clicks.

    For more information on Bandito/content testing, please see our ALC Content Testing Guide : or feel free to reach out to your technical account manager with any additional questions and they can help with answering or directing those. Thank you!