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Resolver debugger should show something useful on error

When the content source API returns an error, the resolver debugger doesn't display anything at all.

We need to know which resolver matched and what the error is in order to debug it, the putative purpose of this page.

  • Rob W
  • Jun 22 2022
  • Future consideration
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  • Admin
    Fatih Yildiz commented
    16 Aug 08:29pm

    Thank you for providing the ACS ticket Rob,

    I believe this is a behavior that should be handled by the resolver debugger, even in the scenario that your resolver configuration is broken which was the case you saw no debugger output. I am bringing this up with the team to be scoped and planned. We're flagging this idea as the future consideration in the ideas portal for now.

  • Rob W commented
    14 Jul 05:42pm

    No, none of that happens. The page doesn't change in any way when you hit the Fetch button - it just silently fails and you need to check in dev tools to see the HTTP status, but that's not very helpful since we don't know which resolver was matched. More details at the end of

  • Admin
    Fatih Yildiz commented
    14 Jul 04:57pm

    Hey Rob,

    I want to clarify what you are seeing. The Resolver debugger shows a browser (javascript) pop-up that say "could not fetch resolver" but then, it shows the resolver response in the debugger area. The response of the resolver contains the resolver that is matched but failed and the message/reason of the failure (example: your api call returned 404). Isn't this what you are seeing? If not, can you elaborate and help us understand the behavior better?