Ideas for Arc XP

Support for Alternative Package Managers

There are alternatives to npm that offer some improvements in caching and build performance. We would like to see support offered for pnpm and/or bun.

  • Kenny Elshoff
  • Nov 14 2023
  • Future consideration
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  • Admin
    Fatih Yildiz commented
    13 Feb 03:06pm

    Hi @Kenny, thanks for submitting this idea and apologies for late response. Our developer experience and Engine team is actively exploring other bundling solutions, which some of them potentially have support and additional features from other package managers. But our efforts focus more on the bundling parts, to improve build cache, build speed with faster underlying runtimes (like rust-based compilers) rather than the package/dependency management. Since npm is the most global and common solution, we will most likely stay within npm world even if the build system may change for the same benefits you mentioned (speed).

    I'll leave this idea open as future consideration to gauge interest from other clients.

  • Kenny Elshoff commented
    14 Nov, 2023 08:42pm

    Links to pnpm and bun: