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Add "? Check Usage" button to Configurations page.

On the PB Admin > Developer Tools > Configurations page, add a "? Check Usage" button. Similar in functionality seen on the PB Classic Configurations page.

When a specific feature/chain/layout was selected, and the "? check usage" button was clicked, then display a linked list of all the Pages and Templates that had an instance of that item present.

Additionally, for a selected configuration item, you could display "This Feature is used" (yellow box) or "This Feature is not used" (green box), before the button is clicked.


  • JP Blanchette
  • Feb 17 2022
  • Already exists
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  • Admin
    Fatih Yildiz commented
    23 Feb 08:42pm

    Hi JP,

    Apologies, that wasn't the public url. Here it is:

  • JP Blanchette commented
    23 Feb 08:32pm

    Fatih, that site seems like its WaPo only access.

  • Admin
    Fatih Yildiz commented
    18 Feb 06:14pm

    Hi JP,

    We currently have an idea submitted for this on the PB Editor product where we manage the developer/debugging tools there:

    I see a few other of your colleagues voted on the other idea. Can you guys vote on that idea so we can track the interest better?