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Determine which layouts/features/chains are used in on a given arcSite (multi site setup)

We have a multi site setup and as part of our ongoing maintenance I was wondering if there is a simple way to determine what elements (blocks, layouts & chains) are actually being used on which templates and pages for a given site? Or all sites? Besides manually reviewing across all our sites which would be very time consuming.

With this knowledge I can delete unused components from our codebase as well as and have a clear view on what css to include on which site (as part of our overall core web vitals improvements).

  • Taylor Leach
  • Aug 26 2022
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  • Admin
    Fatih Yildiz commented
    20 Jun 04:58pm

    Hi Taylor,

    We released a recipe github repository that contain collection of scripts to analyze feature and content source from PageBuilder page/templates. Check out:

    It does not do specific site filtering, but the scripts are very simple and plain, a site id filter and display can be easily added (I'll see if we can extend the scripts and add that part as well).

    Feel free to reach out to me or your TAM about any questions.

  • Admin
    Fatih Yildiz commented
    30 Aug, 2022 07:53pm

    Hi Taylor,

    Thanks for submitting this idea and describing your use case. It makes sense. We will put this in our planning backlog.