Ideas for Arc XP

Ability to auto-create "standing slugs" to run daily, weekly, etc.

The general idea is that the newsroom has many “standing slugs/stories” that run repeatedly (each day) -- Eagles story, business briefs, Phillies stories, etc. Having to manually create these repetitive stories/slugs so that the print product can be planned in advance is not the most efficient use of our editor’s time. We’re hoping to find a solution that basically has Ellipsis creating these story items in advance, on a rolling basis. The simplified user story would be:

  • As an editor, I need an automated process that creates daily, repeating stories several weeks in advance in Ellipsis so that I can begin planning my future publications using WebSked.
  • The creation of these processes would be configurable by editors.
    Each individual process would have configurable settings (ex: repetition options, slug formatting, desk/section, etc.)
  • Amanda Baker
  • Dec 6 2018
  • Future consideration
Categories New Functionality
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