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add photographer and credit override to Featured Media - same as inline images

there is no way to override the photographer name or credit in Featured Media the way you can do it in in-line images. The only thing you can do in Featured Media is edit the photo data. It's confusing to the user to have to do it 2 different ways and also we would like to preserve the original data

  • Lynda Finley
  • Sep 17 2019
  • Planned
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  • Lynda Finley commented
    21 Jun 09:31pm

    any update on this?

  • Lynda Finley commented
    21 Jun 09:30pm

    the people putting images in a story are not photo editors and we do not want them to update the photo data in Photo Center - and it is clumsy to do that because you must edit the data, save the composer story and refresh to get the data loaded (which is not visible and is not an intuitive step)

  • Amandine BASCOUL ROMEU commented
    21 Jul, 2021 01:06pm

    Hi, any update on this feature?

  • Lynda Finley commented
    30 Mar, 2021 07:45pm

    any update on when this will be available?

  • Lynda Finley commented
    9 Jan, 2020 09:40pm

    We would definitely prefer an override to edit access. That's what bugs us now about featured media - it doesn't act the same as inline photos and you can't even see the credit field in featured media without editing the image. Which also makes you refresh if you were forced to edit the image in Photo Center or you don't see the change you just made. The people putting inline and featured media are not the photo staff - it is normal reporters and editors.

  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    9 Jan, 2020 05:36pm

    Hi Lynda - what type of users typically add featured media vs. inline media? Are they story editors?

    The question here seems to be whether edit, or an override is better for your workflow.

    I can potentially see the value of being able to one-click and redirect to Photo Center in order to edit photos (whether in featured media or in-line) IF the user inputting the featured media/inline media is a user who works in media. However, if an editor is the one adding the media, then perhaps we do not want them to edit the actual (original) media data. These are my assumptions. What are your thoughts?