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Add an option to filter based on story creator (as opposed to and in addition to filtering by author)

Currently in Composer we are able to filter based on Author. However, in some organizations, an editor will create "stubs" of stories in Composer for their teams to cover. While the editors are not the authors associated with the stories, it would be helpful for editors to be able to search within Composer (and perhaps WebSked as well) based on who created the stub and not just the author assigned to the story.

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  • Mar 13 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Lynda Finley commented
    31 Mar, 2020 01:03pm

    We get asked for this quite a bit.

    It would also help for those users who routinely forget to put themselves as an author on the story - in our previous system it was automatic, not something the user had to do themselves, so they frequently forget this step and then complain that their stories don't show up in the search queries