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As a user, I would like that items copied to the clipboard of a story that has a clone are available in the clipboard of its child story (and vice-versa)

Context: we are a multi-site news media. We have a use-case where web editors publish a story on a web site and wish to share the content to the second news site of the group. In certain cases, the multi-site publishing feature is not satisfying because they usually adapt the ton of voice of the shared story.

As a consequence, we clone the original story and then adapt the child story to the ton of voice of the second news site.

Sometimes, such shared stories get updates during the day and web editors would like to be able to copy most of the content of 1 story and paste it to the second story (from master to child or reversely). For the moment, the only option is to make a copy/paste.

The limit of this solution is that it has to be the same person who does the edition on both stories.

Proposition: As a web editor, when I work on a story that has been cloned to be published on a second web site, I would like to be able to share an update of the story to a web editor from the second site by copying items to the clipboard of one of the 2 related stories (master or slave).

Then my colleague can see the update in the clipboard of the cloned story when he is editing his copy.

  • Guillaume Lefebvre
  • Sep 21 2020
  • Needs more information
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