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Support of manual 'slug' for tag names in Arc global settings

Tags created in Arc global settings seem to only support slugs that are set automatically without user manually setting it. The 'slug' field allows user to manually type-in preferred slug but it will not harmonize well with the Korean tag name resulting in failure to search the tag in Composer.

For instance, if I were to create a Korean tag with name '김정은', correct slug for this would be 'kim-jong-un' which is based on his formal English name. But when the slug field is not populated manually, it will automatically set the slug as 'gimjeongeun'. This phonetically makes sense but is obviously not a standard way of referring to 'kim-jong-un' as we know it.

At the moment, the Composer meta-tags only support stable search of tag names that have been created with auto-populated slugs. Tags that have been created with manually typed-in slugs often get failed in Composer meta-tag search and do not show up. Searching with Initials work well with auto-slugs and not with manual slugs.

Our request is simple. We need to be able to create tags with manually defined slugs. We should name slugs in whatever way we wish to and still have them searched well in Composer.

  • Jerry Kim
  • Nov 17 2020
  • Future consideration
Categories Editor, User Workflow, Layout
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