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Expose and document Composer template API

We have many (many!) Composer templates. Sometimes we need to make changes to a lot of them. The process of doing this one-by-one in the Settings UI is very time consuming, and could easily be automated. But so far as we know the template update API endpoint is not exposed via api.<org> and is restricted to use by the Composer app itself. (If we're wrong about that, please let us know!) It would be a huge timesaver if we could manage updates to templates programmatically.

  • Alasdair McKie
  • Jan 14 2021
  • Needs more information
Categories User Workflow, Developer Tools
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  • Alasdair McKie commented
    2 Feb, 2021 07:03pm

    I think they're asking for a UI-based bulk edit whereas I am approaching it from a programmatic update perspective but if the UI were featureful enough to cover all the kinds of updates we do across multiple templates I suppose that would cover it either way. I'd argue programmatic is more flexible but I am awae of the possibility you may have a larger user base who'd be looking for UI vs programmatic.

  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    2 Feb, 2021 06:57pm

    Hi Alasdair! Thank you for your idea. Is this idea the same as SB-I-388 (the ability to bulk edit)? I just want to make sure the problem you are trying to solve here is the same, but proposing a different approach. If so, I can merge the ideas. Thanks!