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We need a log for who made changes in Composer Settings

There is no way currently to see what changes have been made and who has made those changes in Settings. It would be helpful to have a log of changes made, who made them and timestamp. A log that can be viewed by anyone with permissions to edit Settings.

  • Lynda Finley
  • Jul 16 2021
  • Future consideration
Categories User Workflow, New Functionality
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  • Admin
    Mike Holland commented
    23 Jul, 2021 09:52pm

    Hey Lynda,

    I believe I understand the intent behind your request, especially with the error from our hotfix release in July. Unfortunately, in this case, even this proposed request wouldn't have "helped". The problem was that the "Disable WebSked" value was being stored not just as a "yes" and "no", but had a "null" state if it was never set. This "null" state looked and behaved like it was not checked. We didn't have that data exception in our testing scripts, so another bugfix changed the code's assumption without actually touching the data. I'm very sorry about the mistake on our part.

    That being said, we ARE looking at adding some logging feature to support of audit reports, and I'll add this request to that feature.