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Story preview shouldn't require PageBuilder access

In my humble opinion, it's pretty silly that a user needs "Access PageBuilder" permissions in Arc in order to preview the story that they're writing in Composer.

I get that it generates a PageBuilder URL and that it needs to be set up that way on the development side, but what's the point in the ability to turn off Arc Home tiles if users might need "access" to them for weird, unintuitive reasons? The majority of our staff does not need to use or even see PageBuillder, so it's weird that we have to "give them access" and keep it on their home screens despite the fact that they can't use it.

At the very least, the text for this permission on the Permissions screen of Arc should be more clear. It currently says, "See a link to PageBuilder in the Arc Navbar and dashboard. Access the PageBuilder user interface. This is recommended for all users with any other privileges in PageBuilder." There is no indication there whatsoever that you need this permission in order to preview stories you're writing in Composer.

  • Britton Peele
  • Aug 8 2022
  • Future consideration
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  • Admin
    Jenny Czaja commented
    28 Sep, 2022 04:54pm

    Thank you so much for this valuable idea, and my apologies for the belated comment as this one slipped under my radar! I've marked this here for future consideration -- as we approach future work around permissions and updating our preview support, this is a really valuable piece to keep in mind.