Ideas for Arc XP

Add option to exclude individual stories from Google AMP and/or Facebook Instant Articles

There are many times when iframes and other non-AMP/FBIA friendly embed elements are included in stories. When a story is focused largely on the content of these embedded elements and those elements do not display in those platforms, we aren't giving readers the whole experience. 

Having the ability to exclude individual stories from AMP and Facebook IA would allow us to serve our readers the intended story experience. Being able to control each of the two services individually would be ideal, but even just a single toggle field to exclude a story from both would also be welcomed. 

  • Amanda Baker
  • Aug 31 2018
  • Future consideration
Categories New Functionality
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  • John Flaherty commented
    11 Apr, 2019 01:55pm

    I would also recommend a way to excude stories from mobile app feeds. That is a capability we used in our old system.