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As a user I want to merge the section "A" into "B" , like "Buzz" into "Actu" or move a subsection "child" A/a (lifestyle/people) into a section B/ (buzz/)

It's about a recurrent editorial behavior. For instance, the editorial team can manage content in 3 sections like "buzz", "people" , "lifestyle" ... and they decide to continue editing only "buzz", and "lifestyle" and wish that the end users browse the "people" content inside "lifestyle" (they will not continue maintaining the people section). the same process needed after the end of sports events (Euro 2012, World cup 2014 ... become a content in soccer section ).

  • Actual result in SITE service: we can add and edit section, also we can mange sections hierarchy ...etc.

Wished Improvements:

  • As a user I want to merge the section "A" into "B" , like "Buzz" into "Actu"

    • Expected results after the "Merge" action:

      • Stories "A" are now belonging to the section "B"

      • URLs of stories "A" are generated automatically with the new section path "B" >> / buzz/ become /actu/

      • the referenced urls with / buzz/ redirect automatically to /actu/ (301)

  • As a user I want to move a subsection "child" A/a (lifestyle/people) into a section B/ (buzz/)

    • Actual result: the move is OK, but the moved subsection "people" kept the old parent in the URL /lifestyle/people

    • Expected result:

      • /lifestyle/people become /buzz/people

      • and an automatic redirect (301) from /lifestyle/people to /buzz/people

  • Is it possible to have a hierarchy in navigation, which represent the section tree so we can drag & drop section instead of navigation elements ?

  • Guillaume Lefebvre
  • May 12 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Megan DeLaunay commented
    24 Jun, 2020 02:19pm

    Thanks for this idea! We're definitely looking at ways we can improve Site Service across the board, and will take this into consideration as we think about the long term plan.