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Improving Tag search

The current logic for searching tags in Composer or General Settings demands an absolute ordered coincidence between the input in the search field and the tag itself. This kind of mechanics is not the best, especially in the case of proper names and personalities. Journalists do not know by heart the first name of sports players, celebrities and politicians, so it could be useful having a search logic that can list coincidencies if we enter "Messi" instead of "Lionel Messi"

  • Silvia Andres
  • Feb 4 2022
  • Needs review
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  • Guest commented
    18 Jul 08:26pm

    Additional suggestions from NZME:

    • Tag search in Photo Center should be case insensitive, like in Composer

    • Tag search could search additional fields, such as slug, name and description

  • Britton Peele commented
    20 Apr 07:12pm

    Seconding the other comments here, and adding this case: We have a tag where the tag's name is not the same as its slug (the slug is more SEO friendly while the name is a series title). Anybody who tries searching for the tag by its name will never find it, because Composer only searches the slug.

  • Jeff Sonderman commented
    1 Apr 01:16am

    I would like to second this request. The functionality in Composer to add tags to a story is very difficult to use without the tag search being fixed.

    For example, we have created a tag named "Maryland governor". But if a user types "governor" into the tag field, they get no matching results because they didn't know to type "Maryland" first.

    Another example, if you write a football story and try to tag it "Ravens" it won't work because you didn't know the tag is named "Baltimore Ravens".

    It's a big problem to be returning false negatives — signaling a tag does not exist when it actually does.