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Google Ad Arc Block - Expand Ad Size Flexibility

Advertisement Block Sizes & Flexibility

The 300x250 ad size is a staple in the world of ad inventory offerings. This is not currently included in the 'Large Leaderboard' group of ads, with no way to add it in without custom work. The other ad groups offer even less in terms of inventory diversity across device types.

- As a product manager, I want to be able to add an ad size already supported by Arc (300x250) to an existing ad group that is missing it (large leaderboard), so I can provide an industry standard set of ad sizes to clients.
- As a product manager, I want to be able to support 300x250 ad size on mobile within the large leaderboard group, so I can deliver to ad impressions goals (320x50 is non-standard & generates less impressions).
- As a product manager, I want to be able to pick & choose which ad sizes I want to support on my site, so I can deliver industry standard (and competitive) ad inventory to suit client desires.

- As a product manager, I want to exclude the 728x90 ad size from desktop devices to only serve the 970x250 ad banner, so I can provide the ideal selection of ad sizes to our sales team and serve a streamlined visual appearance of the front end (you often get a mix of 728x90 & 970x250 ads pages when viewing on laptop size screens, which looks very messy)

  • Natalie Mugavero
  • Nov 10 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Natalie Mugavero commented
    13 Jul 01:45pm


    Just adding some further information to this after some feedback from an important advertisement client.

    The client reached out to tell us that come autumn they won't be able to provide ad assets in the 320x50 and 728x90 sizes "because those sizes are outdated in the ads industry and don’t represent premium branding".

    The account manager on our side believes they'll cancel their partnership with us for November and December as a result of this, costing the business a large chunk of ad revenue.

    Conscious you've pinned this for Q3/4 on your roadmap and said you'd get back with a progress update. I was wondering if there's any news on this? The inclusion of the 300x250 format is the most important one for us (and the most commonly used ad size in the industry).

    Thank you,


  • Natalie Mugavero commented
    23 Mar 11:03am

    Hello, I'll also add this to the body of this ticket but we would also like the ability to exclude the 728x90 ad size from desktop devices. Essentially, we'd only like to serve the 970x250 banner size on those device sizes.

  • Admin
    Jenae Cerovac commented
    7 Feb 07:44pm

    Hi Natalie, this idea will be considered during a larger ads initiative that is currently slotted for Q3/4 on our 2022 roadmap. I will be sure to change the status of this idea to "Planned" once we know more specifics around what will be delivered and when. In the meantime, you can fork the block to add in your own customizations. Thank you for your input!

  • Natalie Mugavero commented
    31 Jan 12:57pm

    Hello - just wondering if this has been scheduled?

  • Admin
    Jenae Cerovac commented
    23 Nov, 2021 08:51pm

    Hi Natalie, Thank you for your idea! Adding the 300x250 size to large leaderboard is a great idea and I'll add it to our backlog. I'll also explore with our design team how we can provide more flexibility for your third user story, allowing for the ability to pick & choose which sizes for specific slots.