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Please include word count in Websked Publications view

In the Publications view only the inch count is displayed and it is wildly inaccurate - see attached. This is a 525 word story - how that translated to 107 inches is beyond me. A word count would be more useful to the editors.

  • Lynda Finley
  • Jan 28 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Britton Peele commented
    23 Sep, 2021 05:33pm

    Another possibility that we think would be good to see: it would be nice to get a calculation of inches from the Planned Word Count. Since the Compose tab of Composer already does that math with the real word count, I would think it wouldn't be too tricky to just take the Planned Word Count and convert it into Planned Inch Count.

    (Getting the math between words and inches right was a bit more of a headache then we expected it to be, but once we tweaked the Composer Settings enough it started working fine for us.)