Ideas for Arc XP

Change Workflow status from Websked

It would be helpful to be able to change the Workflow status of a story from Websked without having to open it in Composer. We have several different statuses which is used by our editors to show where in the process the story is, and many of them don't actually require any updates of the text, which makes opening Composer an extra step. Since this is done for many stories every day, it costs us quite a bit of time.

One example:

Our Arc setup is integrated with our print CMS, and once a story has been pitched an booked it will send a new version any type it is saved, to make sure the print CMS have the latest version of the story.

Once we start working on the story in the print CMS we don't want any more updates, which we accomplish by changing the Workflow status to "Print locked". No actual change of the text is needed, so opening it in Composer is just a time sink.

  • Jakob Ihfongård
  • Sep 15 2020
  • Future consideration
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