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Webhook triggers for update and depublication of stories, videos & galeries

We have a variety of usecases with the need to react upon certain events in the "life cycle" of a content (i.e. story, video, galery), in particular publication, update and depublication. Example usecases:

1) We want to send push notifications to users that have subscribed to certain content categories (e.g. sports, politics) and want to be informed about new content.

2) Notify various third-parties upon those events.

Our initial approach was to analyse the Arc kinesis stream to extract those events. This approach works, but it is quite tedious. A more comfortable approach would be, in our view, to make use of websked webhooks that inform about the events in question - provided all needed triggers are available.

As far as we see, a trigger for article publication is available. What we need are further triggers for article update and depublication. And ideally, we would have all three triggers not only for articles/stories, but also for galeries and videos.

  • Stefan Scherer
  • Jun 2 2022
  • Will not implement
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    Stuart Ridgway commented
    23 Jun 01:19pm

    Hi Stefan,

    Thanks for your Idea -- I absolutely agree.

    You may have heard that we are building IFX which will allow you to access the event stream in a much more efficient way. From there you will be able to capture and filter the events that are critical for triggering the notifications you describe.

    Please reach out to your account manager to discuss how the timeline for ensuring Madsack is set up with IFX.

    Sr. Product Manger for WebSked