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Allow story tags to be added to standalone photo galleries or videos

We would like to include photo galleries and standalone videos in our topic pages.  But we can't because there's no way to add a story tag in Anglerfish or Goldfish.  

  • Jessica Parks
  • Jan 30 2019
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  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    25 Jan 03:38pm

    Hi all!

    Adding tags to a gallery is now in Sandbox with the new edit gallery experience. We are excited to release the experience to you tomorrow in Production! Marking this idea as Shipped.



  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    11 Oct, 2021 08:16pm

    Hi all - sorry for the delay in response. Adding the tag field to a gallery will be a feature that is included in the edit gallery page redesign we are currently working on. Slated for release in Nov/Dec 2021. If you are interested in being part of the beta release to get the redesign (and this feature early), please let your TAM know. Thanks!

  • Britton Peele commented
    27 Sep, 2021 03:26pm

    Hey Lawrence and co., any more updates on this? I don't see Story Tags as part of the new Photo Center gallery UI.

  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    30 Mar, 2021 07:21pm

    Hello. This has been delayed, so will be moving it back to "Future Consideration" for now. We are targeting adding this feature request with the big edit gallery redesign, which is now slated for starting work end of Q2'2021.

  • Jessica Parks commented
    23 Mar, 2021 04:46am

    Can we get an update on this please?

  • Rebecca Fandino commented
    13 Oct, 2020 08:40pm

    Hi all, any update on where this is on the Arc roadmap? Thanks!

  • Jessica Parks commented
    1 Oct, 2020 07:12pm

    Where is this on the roadmap?

  • Sara Skinner Cole commented
    29 May, 2020 12:37am

    Any updates on when this is planned? Is the tags field something that could be exposed before the gallery redesign? The API already has the field as it's storing the tags from our migrated galleries already, but I can't add tags to new photo galleries once we move to Arc so I can't keep my queries updated.

  • Sylvia Borowski commented
    2 Jan, 2020 11:09pm

    Angela, can we transfer the Votes to here:

  • Angela Wong commented
    14 Feb, 2019 09:02pm

    Hi Jessica, can you also submit an idea for Goldfish as well, so this ticket represents images only?