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Auto registration developer APIs

In order to use the user registration method from a backend application and activate the recaptcha functionality we need to use the migrate method, but it is necessary that this method raises a registration process event (sending of verification email)

Also to work properly the autologin development with the recaptcha activation we need that the /identity/public/v1/auth/magiclink method is included in the developer API and does not require token.

Old title: New functionality for recaptcha

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  • Dec 3 2020
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    4 Mar, 2021 02:24pm


    Is there an approximate implementation date for this idea?



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    9 Feb, 2021 07:54am


    Sorry for the delay in answering, but we have been reviewing the project to give you the right answer.

    That's right, we need to do some backend logic after this migration process and we would need to have and event to proceed with each user being migrated. Being concrete, we need to act when email_verified field of user is false. In our current logic we are using the EMAIL_VERIFY event, but a different event related to migration could be useful. At the end we need to send the proper email to the final users in order to validate their accounts. Migrate method does not trigger any event, that's why it doesn't serve us.

    2) Ok, we need it in developer API and not linked to any recaptcha token to be functional.


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    Ryan Gladstone commented
    19 Jan, 2021 10:52pm

    Hello. Thank you for the Idea. Can you please confirm that these are your two requests:

    1. When creating a new user via the Developer API, generate a websocket event

    2. Add a Developer API for requesting a One Time Access Link and emit a websocket event

    Thanks again and sorry for the delay responding here.


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    3 Dec, 2020 08:46am

    This idea is related to the ticket