Ideas for Arc XP

Create a developer API to access [GET] the UserNotes data associated with an Identity user profile

Arc IMS tools provide a "Notes" field that is displayed on the "Overview" tab of the Arc Subscriptions Customer Identity profile view.

Read Only access would be handy in order to merge with other CRM reporting that is currently produced. Reports are created daily around our customer support team interactions.

Ideally the API would allow you to fetch all notes associated with a profile for the given ClientID.

The response should include:

  • The note text

  • Timestamp for note (created, updated dates)

  • The user who made the note if possible

  • Associated subscription or other identifier that would further identify the action that the note was attached to (Not sure if subscription notes would get aggregated in with profile notes or not in the future)

Additionally, if a websocket event could be triggered when a note is added or updated that would be helpful.

  • Richard Lane
  • Feb 25 2021
  • Planned
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