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Add a collections filter to get a collection with only Published items in it.

Currently content api calls for collections/{id} AND published=true return the list of items in that collection, regardless of whether the item in that collection is Published or not.

This causes a problem when a StoryCardFeed feature calling on the content source receives "unpublished" items, which it skips over during render.  Specifically, when using offsets and size=x.  For example:


* Collection size=20.  Items 1-4 are Published, Item 5 is Un-published, 6-20 are Published

* StoryCardFeed setup using ans-feed (with above collection), with a size of 5, offset of 1.  The storycardfeed will build the storycards, and in this scenario it will only show items 1-4 (it will not show the next Published item in the collection, which is item #6).

* What is happening here is that item #5 is returned as an uninflated referent object, causing an empty slot in the feature.


Use Case in Websked that Contributes to User Confusion

Users in Websked are using Collections to aggregate content which can then be used in features in PB.  Users have he ability to mix-match items that are Published or not in the same collection, with the expectation that the un-published ones will simple show up in the StoryCardFeed as soon as its Published, allowing them to pre-plan location of content ahead of time, without interrupting showing content that is already published.

By providing a filter where I can specify that the content api returns a collection with ONLY inflated (published) items, I would be able to support the above use case without having to make additional calls to content api to try and find the very next item that is published (eg. based on the example above).

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  • Jan 28 2020
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