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Ability to pull prod settings/data into dev easily

It would be nice to be able to easily import all layouts and pages into the dev environment with some kind of one-click process. Sometimes I'd like to be able to develop and see something in dev and be able to push to a branch instead of master. 

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  • Jan 29 2016
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    Fatih Yildiz commented
    3 Aug, 2021 08:01pm

    Hi Stephanie,

    We noticed this idea hasn't been updated, since this capability was introduced a long time ago.

    If you mean your local development environment when you said "dev", we already have this ability. In the arc admin tiles, using "pb data", you can download all pagebuilder admin data and utilize it in your local engine. You can find how to utilize the pb-data in your local engine in the engine documentation: Populating the Admin Database section.

    If you mean pull prod data to "development" environment in arc admin not your local environment, you have to create a support ticket to request prod data to be copied over one of the environments (sandbox or dev).

  • Stephanie Clark commented
    25 Apr, 2016 06:58pm

    Not sure why this has a tag of "already exists"?  

  • Greg MacGregor commented
    1 Feb, 2016 09:14pm

    Great idea -- a dev env that can easily replicate prod would be nice.

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