Ideas for Arc XP

Provide clients with the ability to customize alternate headline settings in Composer

Options would include:

  • Ability to display the alternate headline fields in an expanded state by default and/or so that newsrooms can quickly validate that all necessary fields are populated with the desired copy

  • Ability to make certain headline fields required

  • Ability to edit the label above each headline field (e.g. we currently use the "Native" headline field for the headline to display when the content is shared with our other markets, but a more appropriate label would be "Market-Neutral") or to add custom headline fields

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  • Jan 27 2021
  • Future consideration
Categories Editor, User Workflow
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  • Paddy Logue commented
    2 Aug, 2023 11:47am

    This would be very useful for us. We are currently undergoing work to allow the headline fields to be used so that we can send different headlines to Google, Social, section fronts and other platforms. However, the labels in Composer are not configurable so it means that editorial staff are presented with having to remember which field corresponds to which output. For example in order to write a headline variant for social platforms editors must fill in the 'tablet' headline field. It is not possible to re-lable 'tablet' as 'social' ..... It would cut out a lot of confusion if it were possible to do this in Composer settings

  • Guillaume Lefebvre commented
    24 Mar, 2021 06:38am

    Same idea as SB-I-303 - definitely something important for the newsrooms !