Ideas for Arc XP

Add Filter quality property to the images

All the images in Themes have a quality:70%. compression by default. This compression makes that the images look with a poor quality across the different devices.

Option 1:

The client dev team would control the images filter quality via the blocks.json file adding part of the thumbor query (variables) in this file. Where the filterQuality = XX; could be defined.

Another property would be added under SiteProperties with the name (for example: 'filterQuality' or 'imageQuality') and the variable number would be the compression precentage.

Option 2:

Adding a compression value in the Photo Center where the editors could manage the image quality theyself. The property would be part of the resizer url, and it would presented before the resizer url path.

This value would be dinamically change the result of the resizer path as well.

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  • Nov 29 2021
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