Ideas for Arc XP

Alert user if webp is uploaded

The photo center doesn't allow the use of these image types:

  • SVG

  • EPS

  • PDF

  • WEBP

Yet, when used, there is no alert or warning of any sort. An editor can just use the type (tested with webp) without any consequences.

For us it's important to keep this clean because we use a send-to-print-workflow, where we can't use webp for example.

The idea is to warn the user if they use one of the types that are not supported - but to allow the upload if the user insists.

  • Kilian Haller
  • Dec 8 2022
  • Planned
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  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    14 Sep, 2023 03:56pm

    Hello! Thank you for your idea submittal. After gathering additional feedback we are taking the approach of completely preventing users from uploading unsupported file formats to Photo Center. This is not only a more secure approach, but it also completely prevents users from accidentally uploading an unsupported file type.

    This will be going out shortly with Photo Center 1.77.8.