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Lock Composer article from being editable

There is a requirement to have the ability to protect Composer articles from edits / changes.

I could see this handled via permissions. An admin role could add a protected flag preventing the normal editor users from making and publishing edits on an article.

An admin could removed the flag once / if not required any longer.

  • Richard Lane
  • Jan 10 2020
  • Needs more information
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  • Richard Coles commented
    11 Aug, 2022 10:56pm

    NZ Herald are implementing Text To Speech. Once we send the text to the vendor to process into Audio there is a period of time when the article cannot be updated by the content teams as this will generate a race condition. If we can lock the article it will prevent the article being updated until the audio is processed. TTS is a proven opportunity to improve a range of key metrics including ASD, APD, article completion and page impressions. It will also create a new audience opportunity for users who are multi tasking eg driving, and will be able to listen to the Herald via a playlist; young users (a strategic focus for us) who prefer to listen to news; and to improve accessibility for those with sight disabilities.

  • Admin
    Lawrence Tsai commented
    13 Feb, 2020 09:20pm

    Hi Richard - thank you for your idea. So this sounds like a temporary lock that an admin can impose to temporarily disallow anyone from editing/(re)publishing an article.

    Can you please elaborate on what problem you are looking to solve with this feature? Why is this feature important? Thanks!