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Add "Publication pitch" filter in Websked

Right now, there's a checkbox in Websked's story filter called "Pitched stories". But this seems very all-encompassing, and does not distinguish platform pitches from publication pitches, making it not much useful to me. 

As an editor, I want to see all the stories that are pitched to certain publications. I find the "Publication" tab hard to navigate between different navigations. I want a filter in the Story tab to quickly see a list of stories that are pitched to any combination of publications. 

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  • Aug 2 2019
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  • Phil Dautrebande commented
    14 Jun 06:39am

    I do share the standpoint of Guillaume and Amandine, this is not a duplicate.

  • Guillaume Lefebvre commented
    3 Nov, 2021 07:43am

    I share Amandine's standpoint that WS-I-194 and 198 are unrelated topics :

    • 194 (this one) : relates to the search engine of WebSked and its enrichment with a filter for pitched stories about which publication or platform they've been pitched for

    • 198 : relates to the creation of a new event trigger (webhook, Slack, Teams or Email sending) in case of platform pitch status update...

  • Amandine BASCOUL ROMEU commented
    21 Sep, 2021 02:42pm


    Not sure this is a duplicate of WS-I-198. Could you please reconsider this qualification?

  • Admin
    Mike Holland commented
    24 Jul, 2021 11:16pm

    Duplicate of WS-I-198