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Expose other headlines in pitches when viewed in Websked

As an editor I would like to see any of the headline fields associated with an article when it is pitched. Ideally I would be able to configure in settings to expose whichever headlines (print, mobile, meta, etc) I see when I view a story that has been pitched. Right now I can only see the main headline and none of the others. see screenshot

  • Paddy Logue
  • May 10 2022
  • Future consideration
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  • Paddy Logue commented
    15 Jun 08:39pm

    Hi Stuart, thanks for coming back to me on this. Is there somewhere where I can see a complete list of ANS items to examine wrt to your question about the other info that might be useful in Websked ? thanks again, Paddy

  • Admin
    Stuart Ridgway commented
    9 Jun 02:00pm

    Hi Paddy,

    I've discussed this with the team. Currently, we don't have those alternate headlines in WebSked -- we only grab a subset of the ANS. Nevertheless, that is something that we are changing in the future, though it may be some time until we've made the changes needed to access the alternate headlines. I'm glad you brought this to my attention so I can be aware of your need for them.

    With that in mind please let me know if there is additional information from ANS that you would like to have access to in WebSked. You can email me or submit additional Ideas.

    Also, I understand this is important for your organization. I'm going to leave this Idea open so other clients can chime in.


  • Paddy Logue commented
    1 Jun 01:20pm

    ok thank you

  • Admin
    Stuart Ridgway commented
    31 May 05:25pm

    Thanks for the clarification, Paddy. Let me bring this back to the team and see how we might address this.

    - Stuart

  • Paddy Logue commented
    31 May 03:48pm

    Hi Stuart. The ideal solution is some sort of control that changes headline view on all pitches in that publication. So that would be, for example a dropdown selector where we have marked number 1 in the screen shot here. Other locations for it could be in 2 or 3 marked in the screen shot.

    Based on the ideal scenario outlined above, each user would be able to select which headline is exposed.

    Your last bullet point idea may work too subject to testing a solution. thanks Stuart. Paddy

  • Admin
    Stuart Ridgway commented
    31 May 03:28pm

    Thanks for posting this, Paddy.

    Can you give me a little more detail on what you imagine would be the ideal solution? I have a few questions:

    • Is this an ON/OFF switch where WebSked looks at all headlines and prioritizes which ones to show first? Or would you want to set the order?

    • Would this setting be applied to all WebSked users in your company? Or are you looking for each individual user have their own priority?

    • Would it work to simply have a link next to the headline that shows the list of alternate headlines?