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Schedule Collection Publishing

As editors, we would like to schedule the publishing of a collection for a concrete time. That will be really useful to edit pages as homepage or other areas of our site, for example, in early morning.

  • Sergio Rodríguez
  • Dec 3 2019
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    Stuart Ridgway commented
    11 Jul 07:10pm

    Hi Sergio and Natalie,

    Thanks for sharing the details of this idea. I have closed it, though, since it duplicates WS-I-246. Please track the progress of the idea there.

    Product Manager for WebSked

  • Natalie Mugavero commented
    23 Mar 11:18am

    Definitely need this within our business as well! Another use case we have is over the holiday period when our office closes.

    We don't want stale content on our homepage for the two weeks our office is closed, but also don't want members of our team to have to log on during this period.

    I note that similar idea has also been posted on the portal previously:

    Any idea on timing for this feature?