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Allow users to schedule a publication time/date for Collections

For organizations using Collections to curate content, it would be ideal to allow for users to schedule publication of a Collection.

Currently, WebSked allows for automatic publication (upon addition of new content to the Collection) or for manual publication (a user must click "Publish" on the Collection to update the feed and publish the content in the Collection). It would be nice to have a scheduled publication of a Collection "happy medium" option between automatic and manual publication.

A potential use case for this would be when an editor wishes to organize their weekend Collection(s), including published and unpublished (scheduled) content. They can pitch stories, change promo elements as needed, pin top stories, and set the appropriate order, but they don't have to log in over the weekend (or have somebody else log in) to press "Publish". Instead, they could schedule the publication of Collection A for 6am on Saturday morning and the publication of Collection B for noon on Sunday, for example.

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  • Mar 13 2020
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  • Natalie Mugavero commented
    13 Jul 03:10pm

    Hi Stuart,

    For updating blocks on a Saturday, the team will order a scheduled story at the top of the Collection list, so when it goes live on Saturday the update applies automatically (at least this is what I think the team does).

    For the holiday period, this differs slightly because a) a lot of the content they want to feature in the homepage blocks is already published and b) there are a lot of stories that would need to be lined up.



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    Stuart Ridgway commented
    11 Jul 07:14pm

    Thank you for the details on this, Natalie.

    Can you give me a little bit more information? Collections are most often used to populate blocks on a page. If you wanted to a particular Collection to automatically populate blocks on your Home page on Saturday, how would you image you populate those blocks before Saturday?

    I'm curious how you would want to set those blocks up in advance so come Saturday the blocks are populated by the new Collection.

    Product Manager for WebSked

    I've closed WS-I-223 so it can be tracked here.

  • Natalie Mugavero commented
    23 Mar 11:17am

    Definitely need this within our business as well! Another use case we have is over the holiday period when our office closes.

    We don't want stale content on our homepage for the two weeks our office is closed, but also don't want members of our team to have to log on during this period.

    I note that similar idea has also been posted on the portal previously:

    Any idea on timing for this feature?

  • Anais Felt commented
    14 Apr, 2020 06:34pm

    looking into this for near term future!