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Identify default search

As an editor I can set a saved search as the default search in Websked/user profile/preferences. However, when the search is executed on entering websked, there is no indication which search is being executed. I would like to see the saved search name appear somwhere.

I've also noted that the default search is executed when I press 'reset search' in Websked, but a different search is executed when I click the 'stories' tab. Should they both not return the same default search?

From 'reset search button':

From stories tab:

  • Paddy Logue
  • Jun 29 2022
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  • Admin
    Stuart Ridgway commented
    20 Jul 04:37pm

    Hi Paddy,

    Yes, the upgrades to the Tasks and Calendar are sooner than the upgrades to the Stories tab.

    - Stuart

  • Paddy Logue commented
    20 Jul 07:00am

    Hi Stuart,

    Thanks for the response and good to see this is planned. Also looking forward to the new task and calendar pages - are they on the same time trajectory or will we see those sooner?

    All the best,


  • Admin
    Stuart Ridgway commented
    19 Jul 09:45pm

    Hi Paddy,

    Yes, this is an issue we are working on. I don't have a date in mind for addressing this issue since it's part of an overall upgrade to the Stories tab that I'm planning. Nevertheless, thank you for calling this out.

    For your awareness, we are including the search and filter information as part of the new Task pages and the new Calendar pages. So we will be extending that to the Stories tab.