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Update 'knock request' browser notification

I'm hoping a few tweaks can be made to the browser notification that is initiated whenever a knock request is made in Composer.

There is a typo in this notification. I was able to capture part of the text in the notification, but it reads "You just recieved knock request from {na..." -- received is spelled wrong here. The letter "a" is also missing, so it should read "You just received a knock request." I'm also curious what the {na part would have read.

The notification also reads "Arc - Ellipsis" at the top. If I understand correctly, Ellipsis is now known as Composer. Can this read "Arc - Composer" to prevent user confusion?

Finally, there's a logo or icon on the right side of this notification, which may be some sort of hand-drawn letter "E" for Ellipsis maybe? Could this icon also be updated, even to the main Arc Publishing "A" logo?

  • Troy Blevins
  • Sep 20 2019
  • Planned
Categories Editor, User Workflow
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