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Composer features available in article body block lack expected behaviors

After reviewing the available Composer features and their display in the themes article body block, several should be addressed to include expected behaviors.

1. Link lists do not appear at all.
2. Text highlight colors are limited to yellow no matter what is chosen as color in composer.
3. Paragraph alignment (float) is limited to left only. There is no way to center or right justify text.
4. Ordered and unordered lists grandchildren don't display expected enumerators or bullet styles.
5. Social embeds appear left justified only leaving extra whitespace right.

  • Clay McNeill
  • Nov 19 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Esteban Yañez commented
    27 Jan 02:02pm

    One of the features that are frecuently asked within our editorial teams is the ability to link images. Just like the examples above this field is visible in Composer but does not have representation in the rendered view

  • Admin
    Jenae Cerovac commented
    23 Nov, 2021 08:17pm

    Hi Clay-- Thank you for your feedback! Themes is committed to keeping up with Composer features. We recently released the ability to justify photos, and link lists is upcoming (as brought up in TM-I-40). I will put your others (2-5) in our backlog for upcoming releases.