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Add "wide" or bleed as a float option for images in body text

When telling a story, we often find the need to present images in various ways in the body. We would like to have a way to tell the downstream rendering that we would like an image to render wide or "bleed", wider than the body text, in high quality, - as opposed to the center , left of right, which will usually follow the width of the body text. We suggest to add a new option "Wide" to the "float" selector in composer. On the output end ( in themes or custom) this setting should be used to render the image appropriately.

  • Arnstein Andreassen
  • Jan 26 2022
  • Future consideration
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  • Admin
    Jenae Cerovac commented
    1 Feb 08:09pm

    Thank you for the screenshot, that is very helpful. I understand what you'd like to see and will add this idea to our backlog.

  • Arnstein Andreassen commented
    27 Jan 12:42pm

    An example would be this article -behind paywall - , see attached sc

    For this article template , we have adjusted the styling so that images with float=center will become wide. However, we would like to be able to choose if a image is just centered with the text, or actually wide. Currently, we arrange it so that portrait photos follow the column, while landscape go wide.
    More control here would be good.

  • Admin
    Jenae Cerovac commented
    26 Jan 05:48pm

    Hi Arnstein, thank you for the idea! Could you provide an example of an article where you would want to apply a wide float, or an example of where you have seen it done? It would be helpful to see so that we can consider the options to achieve it. Thank you!

  • Veslemoy Ostrem commented
    26 Jan 04:56pm

    All our competitors in the Nordic market has this opportunity. I would help us a lot in our digital/visual storytelling.