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Improve the tag/taxonomy/topic concept for use in a multisite/ multilingual setup

I am trying to investigate how we can set different attributes on stories to implement tag/topic/taxonomy concepts, for navigation, editorial clustering  and topic pages.  We have a multisite, multilanguage setup, with the need to have different and flexible tags/topics for the different organisations. The different languages (scandinavian languages) is also an issue, as words can be simular, but not exactly the same. The stemming also differs. 
So far I have seen taxonomy concept of tags ,   labels/kickers (can be organised in types and be a kind of taxonomy) , and  sites/sections.
My analysis so far 
* tags - are global , and does not really have a taxonomy (sections) that can be easily managed by editors. There is also no permissions or per-website concept
* labels/kickers - are globally shared.  This concept has somewhat flexible taxonomy that can be configured, and is exposed in composer. But the configuration is somewhat hidden in the composer settings, alongside lots of other configs that maybe should not be widely exposed. 
* Sites/sections are set per website, which is good. It is however bound to the actual structure of the site, and may not fit well as  a tag concept.
So, what I would like to have is a tag/taxonomy/topic  concept that is well exposed for the editor, possible to search and navigate ( create parent child/nodes) , and the tags should be possible to filter/limit to a specific website. Maybe the distributor concept can be used to set correct distribution per tag? 
I the composer, the tags hierarchy should be easily searchable, possibly as a popup like the photo center and videos. Displaying the tags for selection in a similar way that kickers/labels in the composer is also an option.
The labels/kickers concept can be leveraged and as a second tag concept. In that case it should be made more easily available to the editor, and it should be possible to limit the labels/kickers per site, or by using distributors. 
  • Arnstein Andreassen
  • Jan 2 2020
  • Future consideration
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  • Megan DeLaunay commented
    29 Apr, 2020 06:45pm

    Thanks for the clarification. I'm going to move this to Future Consideration now to be evaluated the next time we take on Tags Service work!

  • Arnstein Andreassen commented
    20 Feb, 2020 10:28am

    We have worked a bit more on this, and we think that the concept that might be easiest to make useful, would be the Tag concept. 
    We are aiming to use the website-limited site/sections a lot for topic tagging, but Tags would be better for cross-section topics.

    The main obstacle now is that the tags cannot be limited to exist within a website. We 4 publications with quite disparate content, and in 2 different languages. If each publications could use and control their own set of tags, the main issue could be solved.

    So, the tags should be associated with a set of websites, and administered separately.  The Tags already has a section concept, that may also be a level where the association could be set.


    Tt would also be good to elevate the tags concept into a taxonomy. The sections are already there, so it would be a matter of better exposing it.

    When selecting tags, it would also be good to be able to do this in a similar way as we select site/sections - with available tags more easily viewed and possible to search/select. 

  • Megan DeLaunay commented
    5 Feb, 2020 01:50pm

    Everything mentioned above is true. Can you provide more information on the specific use case you're trying to solve for so that we can think about the best possible solution?