Ideas for Arc XP

Publish unpublished galleries when they are embedded into a published story

With standalone photos, there is this nice feature where if you have an unpublished photo inside of a Composer story, the photo gets published at the same time the story does, so you don't have to manually publish both pieces.

We would suggest that the same behavior gets applied to photo galleries. As it stands now, if we have a story that is scheduled to go live at a later date it's tricky to pair it with a photo gallery since it won't appear in the story until someone goes in later and publishes it manually.

This will be remedied somewhat if/when we get the ability to schedule galleries for future publication, but it would still be nice to eliminate the extra step and just assume that if I'm embedding a gallery into a story, it's because I want that gallery to be published at the same time the story is.

  • Britton Peele
  • May 10 2021
  • Future consideration
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